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Cleaning your air filter

Cleaning your air filter...

1: Before removing the filter, wipe the airbox to remove any loose dirt so it won't fall in to the snorkel....

2: Remove the filter from the filter cage and if it's a two piece take the outer shell off the inner filter.....

3: Use a paint bruch to remove the dirt on the outside of the filter, then use kerosene in a pail to wash the foam.... Always pour the kero from the inner to the outside of the filter foam ... This makes the dirt go out the same way it went in.... Do this till the kero comes out clean.... 3 to 5 times...

4: Using warm water and dish soap wash the filter foam to remove the kero and any dirt still in the foam.... Again, run the water from the inside to the outside of the filter...

5: Dry the foam with a towel and airdry or use a hair drier on warm to dry it if your in a hurry.... Clean the plastic filter cage and the screw and rubber washer with some kero.... Use a damp rag to wipe out the airbox.... Be very careful to remove "ALL" dirt that is in the snorkel and airbox... If you fail to clean it... The dirt will be sucked in to the engine when you start it and screw the engine....

6: Get a plastic bag "gallon size" and put the filter in it and then pour in a little filter oil and start squeezing the filter to get the oil all over the foam... Keep at it till the foam is all the same color from the oil and then squeeze out any extra oil....

7: Put the foam filter back on the plastic cage and add the screw then use a little grease on the eage of the filter to help it seal.... Very carefully but the filter in the airbox and line up the filter screw and tighten it....

8: Some people use a small amount of grease on the filter lip to help seal out dirt... I use a filter seal that does not need grease.... Then replace the seat and go riding....

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