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One question to all

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One question to all

Δημοσίευσηαπό powdersnow » 02 Ιουν 2010, 22:04


My name is jakob, i am from austria and drive a lada niva 1600.
I found the greek firm with fine parts for niva. So my question is if anyone has expierences with products from protrack. I am in contact with Michael Theologitis but want to get also some infos from buyer side!
Maybe i am not in the correct forum, so please tell! It is not easy for me because i cant read any greek letters and online translation dont work fine...

Thanks for helping,

best greets


PS: Fine to see that also in Greek Niva is common!!!
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Δημοσίευσηαπό Mudnolis » 02 Ιουν 2010, 22:55

Grüß dich !

Ich schreibe lieber gleich auf Deutsch, da es mir leichter fällt. Diese Firma kenne ich nicht aber du solltest vorsichtshalber immer Preise vergleichen (sowohl im Inland als auch im Ausland). Für meinen Discovery z.B. habe ich leider hier in Griechenland nichts günstiges gefunden

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Δημοσίευσηαπό powdersnow » 02 Ιουν 2010, 23:33

Hallo Manolis!

Danke für die rasche Antwort!
Also über die Presie mache ich mir keine Sorgen, erstens bietet diese Umbauten sonst niemand in der Form für den Niva an (Europa+ Russland) und alles vergleichbare ist wesentlich teurer.
Er hat noch nichts auf der Homepage für Disco, aber würde mal fragen ob da was geht!
schöne Grüße Jakob
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bicycle training wheels
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Re: One question to all

Δημοσίευσηαπό mato » 03 Ιουν 2010, 09:08

powdersnow έγραψε:Hello!
... So my question is if anyone has expierences with products from protrack.

Not all Greeks are named Manolis, but quite suspiciously (?) my name is Manos (Manolis) too :D.

I have one of the first ProTrack (rear axle) lockers on my car (serial number for Niva locker 002) since July 2006. The car is a 1.7 spi 2000 Niva and it was actually used as one of the test vehicles in order to check the reliability of the new (at the time) product. Michael tested it quite harshly, as expected.

The locker prooved itself unbreakable and I have absolutely no problems since. It works fine under any circumstances.

In my opinion, Michael is skilled, accurate and studious and I've trusted him to make several more modifications on the Niva (t-case low range, diff and tranny snorkels, bumpers etc.), despite the fact that I live in Thessaloniki, some 500 kms up north.

So I am absolutely happy and I would flatly recommend the locker to everyone interested.

Have a nice day, hard rides and more articulation :D


Thinking of reliability, there are several cars racing in trial games that use Protrack's lockers with no problems (Michael of course knows the exact number).
It was mentioned in a thread here: (a greek forum for jimny, you must sign up to read the threads). In the same forum there is an interesting comparison (Protrack vs ARB lockers). If you are patient enough (subscribe and search for Protrack, then use a translation machine ... oh I'm tired), I'm sure you'll find it interesting.

So, here is a greek 1600 niva racing with Protrack lockers on, both front and rear axles.


and here is myself playing in a ditch, you can "see" the locker at 0:07

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