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I need some advice about bike touring in Greece

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I need some advice about bike touring in Greece

Δημοσίευσηαπό Επισκέπτης » 02 Απρ 2006, 13:07

Hi all,

My set of questions is not directly off road related, but anyway, I'm one of you . . . I ride a 125cc yamaha DT but this summer I want to do some touring. Well, not with my bike, I plan to try my brother's Honda CB 750. My primary target is Volos but once I hit the greek roads, I don't have any idea where I may end up.

But, since I've never been in Greece, and I don't have any friends that can help me with bike-related information, I'll ask some questions here and I hope you can help me enjoy an untroubled trip in Greece.

First, and most important, I'm not going anywhere without a plan what to do with the bike if it breaks down, and without an estimate of the cost of such trouble. If my bike gets damaged I'll need to transport it back to Bulgaria and I hope you can give ideas about how this can be done with the lowest expensses. For instance, here in Bulgaria I transport my bike around with the train - for my 108kg DT it costs 25 euros to take across the country. I'm not expecting such price but anything up to, say, 10 times more is an option. I just need to find the cheapest way.

Any other suggestions for making my trip more possible are welcome - maybe there are questions that I haven't yet thought of and you got the answers.

Also, I'll be glad if you give some more links of other greek motorcycle forums or sth to ask somewhere else to get a larger set of answers.

Thank you

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