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4x4- holliday in Greece- HELP PLEASE !

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4x4- holliday in Greece- HELP PLEASE !

Δημοσίευσηαπό ish » 20 Μάιος 2006, 19:30

Hello :) we are "polish off road team" :wink: , and we are planning our holliday just in your lovely country :) :) :) can you give us some information about possibilities- for example is it possible at all to use "off road" roads? Where is worth to go? THANK YOU VEEEEERY MUCH :D :D


ish& JackY61

4x4- holliday in Greece- HELP PLEASE !

Δημοσίευσηαπό mato » 22 Μάιος 2006, 08:20

Hello ish, we will be glad to welcome you and your mates in Greece.
There is no forbiddance (yet) in Greece regarding the lanes, you can go almost anywhere you please, with the exception of some National Forests.
If it is possible, tell us which will be your entry point in Greece, and more or less the places you want to visit, so that we will be able to give you more information:
For instance, the whole of mount Pindos is interesting for off-road excursions and events at the NorthWest, and there are also great sites in Eastern Macedonia and Evros, as you might know, regarding the Northern Greece.
Generally, depending on the weather of course, summer in Greece is rather dry, so you won’t frequently have the opportunity to play in mud, unless you move in high altitude, seeking for springs and water. That goes for the Northern Greece (I live in Thessaloniki), and I imagine for the Southern also, but let’s here some more information from other friends too.
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4x4- holliday in Greece- HELP PLEASE !

Δημοσίευσηαπό Caravan » 22 Μάιος 2006, 11:44

In case that you are interested for maps of Greece, check here:

Will you visit and some of our islands? I would suggest to do it.
About limitations, the above post has covered your questions.
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Δημοσίευσηαπό Επισκέπτης » 25 Μάιος 2006, 22:26

Thank You very much for your answers! Probably we will start in the end of July and it will be 2weeks in Greece and 1 week for a trip. We have 2 possibilities: we can go via Hungary, Romania , Bulgary or we can take a ferry from Brindisi- Italy. It would be nice if there will be any offroad event during our stay in Greece :) and we will be very glad if some of pepole from your "crew" will meet us :D

Δημοσίευσηαπό firelord » 18 Ιουν 2007, 19:04

And do you have maps in gps?In which programme?And how is with cb radio?
I'm afraid that we will have many questions, as we've just started to planning this travel Wink .....

cb (27mhz) is free in Greece, with only a license from the dept of motor vehicles required. If that is also the case in Poland, I suggest you just bring along the permit, otherwise just leave it alone, I hardly think the police will be interested. What they will be interested in is if you have funky looking antennas like V/U HF. Amateur use is permitted in Greece only on the basis of a proper license and only for the 144-146 and 440 freqs. I shoud think though that if you are not coming with a convoy, the cb will be of very limited use to you.

I second the aforementioned, there is very good offroad mapping coverage for Greece, digital and paper. The most popular programmes for PDAs are pathaway - ozi explorer, where you have to have the file with the proper ext downloaded in your pda. You can also use the paper ones of course, thus avoiding the digital hassle, with only a simple GPS at hand.

Summer in Greece is more than lovely, you should roam the beaches but if you can you should make a mountain hop, you will not regret it
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